We are strategically located in the Mid-West


With our central Mid-West location, Unified is perfectly situated to offer supply chain outsourcing. Our systems allow for significant cost cutting and superb accountability for our clients and subsidiaries.

Through our industry contacts we are able to obtain missing but necessary parts and accessories, such as batteries and chargers, allowing us to create a consumer-ready product. Most of our competitors are not able to offer consumer-ready products, and resell items as-is. Because of our expertise, we are able to pay top dollar to consumers for their trade-in items, resell for higher average prices, create a more positive and complete consumer user experience.

Our extensive quality control process, including data clearing and various testing/repair phases, allows us to resell a higher quality product and maintain exceptional customer service results. Unified logistics can be neatly integrated with our repair/refurbishing service and e-commerce expertise for a complete mobile device management system. Leading mobile industry companies have relied on Unified for processing and reselling their excess used mobile device inventory in an efficient and cost oriented approach.

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